Sharp Shirter Mandarin Ducks Shower Curtain

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This Shower Curtain is a printed in USA
Printed on a super-soft polyester fabric
Fabric shower curtain with original designs by Sharp Shirter

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Ando Hiroshige (1797 _ 1858), one of the crucial famous Japanese Ukiyo-e artists, translated abnormal landscapes into graceful, poetic forms. Orphaned at age 12, Hiroshige took over his fathers firefighting job and used to be soon inspired to develop into an artist like his role model, the esteemed Hokusai. He at the start depicted traditional subjects such as young women and actors, and later won fame as a landscape artist. Hiroshiges masterpiece, _Fifty-Three Stations of the Tokaido,” and other landscapes, utilized peculiar vantage points, striking colors and realistic depth. Tourism used to be becoming popular, and Hiroshige drew upon his own travels to create an astounding 5,400 prints. This shower curtain includes a Ukiyo-e print of 2 mandarin ducks by And_ Hiroshige, 1838
70.8″ x 72″
one hundred% Polyester
Made in america


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